Monday, July 20, 2009

What's your story?

Everyone has a story, and I wanna know what yours is. I'm not asking for your life story, I just wanna know what got you to where you are right now. I'm interested in knowing what kind of people are read my little blog (besides the temporarily insane). --> You can email it if you want. <-- You don't have to be a follower for me to be interested. I would like for you to follow *hint, hint*, but that doesn't make me any less intrigued. Of course I have one, and I'll share. It'll probably take me about 4+ different posts to give it all, because it's really broken down into 4 key parts of my life. Patience, young grasshopper. Right now it's 3:21 in the AM, so sharing definitely won't happen right now. I promise I'll get on it when I get time tomorrow or later on today for the technical folks.

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