Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm A Loser

Yes, I'm a loser. I haven't posted in an uber minute, but I'm back now. I have been doing a lot, because I have kids. My days have been kind of hectic.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have one rule... Don't cross me or piss me off. I can be a real evil bitch when I want to & right now I want to. So, I have a beautiful 4 month old little angel. She will be 5 months on the 10th. Anyway, I just found pictures her daddy has taken with this female (I love the internet). We're not together & I don't even like him. However, he's paying for photoshoots and has never even SEEN his daughter let alone provided for her. Now, through a lot of digging & some nosing around, I have "accidentally" come across her email address. The question of the day is: Do I email this young lady and warn her of the kind of deadbeat she is dealing with? I'm sure she doesn't know he has a child, so I know she doesn't know he isn't providing for her. I Know it's slightly childish, but I do feel that not caring for your child is even more childish. So, I really don't give a damn about being childish. I'll be anything you want me to be when it comes to my children. While I await your answer to my question, I'm going to post these pictures for your viewing pleasure & in hopes that someone she knows sees them. That's so devious & I'm going to have to pray extra hard to be forgiven for this, but he deserves it. I'm not judge nor jury... just a mother who can't stand deadbeats.

**Updated: I've decided to show some decency & black out her face. She's the innocent party here, so I won't blast her like that. I'm really just blasting his lame ass.

Monday, July 20, 2009

What's your story?

Everyone has a story, and I wanna know what yours is. I'm not asking for your life story, I just wanna know what got you to where you are right now. I'm interested in knowing what kind of people are read my little blog (besides the temporarily insane). --> You can email it if you want. <-- You don't have to be a follower for me to be interested. I would like for you to follow *hint, hint*, but that doesn't make me any less intrigued. Of course I have one, and I'll share. It'll probably take me about 4+ different posts to give it all, because it's really broken down into 4 key parts of my life. Patience, young grasshopper. Right now it's 3:21 in the AM, so sharing definitely won't happen right now. I promise I'll get on it when I get time tomorrow or later on today for the technical folks.

T-R-E-Y Songz You're the King of the World

I know I've touched on it a couple of times. I've mentioned the Anticipation mixtape & the Get Fresh Fridays post on his blog, but I haven't really gone into great detail about it. So, I was just listening to Anticipation & decided I would blog about it. I don't think people understand how hot this really is. If you're an R&B fan (you don't even have to be a big Trey Songz fan), you have to add this mixtape to your collection. In my opinion, Songz is the hardest working man in R&B right now. He currently has 2 mixtapes ready for download on his blog (Genesis, Anticipation). Also, his third album "Ready" is due for release on September 1.

In addition to his 2 mixtapes & third mainstream album, he's also a member of Ocean's 7 (Usher, Johnta Austin, B. Cox, Jermaine Dupri, Trey Songz, Ty, Nelly). That mixtape is available for download on JD's blog. If you haven't heard them, please download. Even if you're not these guys' biggest fan, this is just good music... plainly put. I won't go into detail & break down every single track (even though I could); I'll simply say, dowload and listen. They're all FREE downloads, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. I can listen to them all from track 1 to the very end, so I'm slightly bias. You may not be that smitten with either album, but I promise there will be something on each that everybody can feel. Trust me, it's worth the few minutes it'll take to download. I have them saved on the PC, on the Pod, & burned to CD's so they're everywhere with me. We love these men individually, so imagine the punch they pack collectively. Now stop reading & click & download dammit. Do it because I said so... ok, do it because I asked very nicely :-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hair Hell-No's

Lawd CASSIE WHY?? She started this shit so I'm placing all the blame on her. What is it with celebs all jumping on a bandwagon (regardless of how ridiculous) just because it draws attention? That makes no damn sense to me. Maybe that's why I'm just regular old common folk & not a multimillionaire still trying to find myself. Apparently they aren't secure with themselves, so they try to be each other. Whatever the case, the shit is really starting to get on my nerves. There really is no distinguishing between who I like or don't like if they all look & act just alike. Not to mention they follow the dumbest trends.

Rihanna... sweetheart, ummm no. Let me rephrase that: HELL NO. Babygirl, that head is a big ass uh uh. It's a mess. What made you think that shit would be cute? Ok, here's my take on the situation. Hate it or love it, it's what I think & it's my blog so I can say what I want. <-- I sound kinda full of myself, huh? Well I am & I'm full of you guys too. I can say what I want & so can y'all. I digress. Now Rihanna, I think you are a trendsetter & you do have your own style. I think the blogs give you so much "face time" because you do your own thing & you don't give a damn what anyone else thinks of what you wear, but this shit here is ri-damn-diculous. Now, I don't condone ass-whoopings, BUT... Where is Breezy when you need him? Cassie, I blame you.
Now Que you are already the king of all bitchassness, so why would you?? Is it blonde on both sides or just one? Either way, it's definitely a HELL NO. I'm all for being different, but uh uh. For Dawn to be proud enough of this shit to actually twitpic it is like whoa. Look at her, her hair is normal & regular but she's broadcasting this foolishness. Now, I'm a slight fan of Day 26. I watched Making the Band & saw all the big shit Que talked to every single member of the group (even the manager), so he is the last person I expected this from. For him to be such a "bulldog" he sure took the coward's way out. Let me explain: Every chic in the game that decided to follow this bogus ass trend actually shaved their hair. Que was very bitchy about it. He decided to dye it blonde so it blends in with his skin tone. Unless you actually pay close attention to it, it looks shaved. Nope, it's blonde which is bitchy. It's not shaved which is bitchy. Now, in his defense, it may be bitchy but it makes more sense. If it doesn't really flow the way he wants it to, he doesn't have to wait for it to grow back he can just dye it back & move on. Ladies, don't be cowards but do take notes. Cassie, I blame you.

With every trend/rule, there is an exception. She jumped on the bandwagon too :-D, but she's uber fab & I love it. Cassie, I THANK you.

All kinds of praise coming from every different direction, but I disagree. To me, it looks like a bad wig. Her friends are going to tell her they love it & her family is gonna say it's cute. Her stans are gonna go hard for it, but I say HELL NO. It makes her face look extra long. Plus, it looks like a bad wig (said that already, huh). It could be just me, but her eyes haven't always been that light. Looks very Rihanna-ish -- pre the "damn fool shaved her head" phase. All the way down to the eye color (as close as she could get) and the makeup:

I'on know how I feel about her jumping on this bandwagon except to say I'm glad she went with Rihanna & not Cassie.

Sidenote: Yes, "bandwagon" is the word of the day.


So I had to make this special post just to shout out GL0... my first follower. I read her comments & took a little stroll over to her blog & I love, love, love this chic! Thanks so much for the love. My only love, but it's like a million bucks :-D I don't know how many people read my lowly little blog, but if you do do me a favor and run over to THE GL0 EXPERI(M)ENCE (after you're done reading my little posts of course) & show her all kinds of love. She's a real sweetie & I love her blog.

**Update: I've posted a bigger pic of Kersten & she does have a blog. See her at**

Now I have to shout out my second first follower, Kersten Fullwood. Do people still "shout out"? I don't know, but anyway she's the second person to follow my blog. If it were a club or a store it would be considered a "little hole in the wall" or a "mom & pop" kinda store, so I'm thrilled to have her as well. This is better than sex. It makes you feel all warm & tingly inside, but you don't have to put up with the bullshit & games. I don't think she has a blog, but she's showing me a little love so I have to return it. Thanks Kersten. Now ladies, gentlemen, & those of you that are in transition... I know this pic is small as hell, but it's the only one I have so I'm sorry in advance. Kersten, sweetie, honey, bigger pic please :-)

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for the kinkyness going on in this pic. I stole it from her profile, so if you are that boy's girlfriend: you shoulda been doing your damn job. HA!

I'm giving this Awww post a real workout, but I'm loving it. Juicy Carter is my third first follower. I've been reading her blog for a minute now & I must say I absolutely love it. I think I've taken her rank my blog poll about 3 times LOL. She gives you the same style as other entertainment blogs, but definitely NOT the same flavor. She puts her own spin on things & she does more than give you the story. She tells you the deal & what she thinks about it. I love that. I'm all for giving you my take on a situation (hence the theme of my blog), so I can get with it. Welcome to my very small blog-family, Juicy. After you leave my blog, run through GL0's, then swing by I promise you won't be disappointed & if you are don't come talking that shit to me. These are my opinions & I love the blog.

P.S. Who the hell let you chew on their ear, Tyson??

Damn right I follow my own blog. Don't you follow yours?

Oh-Bama... G-Shock... Random Ish

It seems that some people are little bit pissy about my president closing Guantanamo Bay. Of course the Republicans are in an uproar but who gives a damn. For starters, they act like he's letting the prisoners go & sending them on vacation. In actuality, he's having them transferred to the US to stand trial rather than having them sit there & continued to be tortured & mistreated. Forgive him, but my president has a heart. We're not Nazi's. We don't just ship people into hell-holes & treat them like wild animals. We're quick to talk the "innocent until proven guilty" bullshit, so why doesn't that stand for all accused? I'm just saying... practice what you preach, Mr. Republican.

Cute, right? Yes... Trey Songz often features a weekly (or as often as possible) Get Fresh Fridays post on his blog in which he features fairly new clothing/accessories that help you get your fresh on. Well, this week he featured the ever popular G-Shock by Casio, but he also introduced us fashion virgins & rookies to the Baby G by Casio which is the female version of the G-Shock. Apparently, there is a rather extensive collection of Baby-G's & I must say I love them all. You can find the various styles & where to buy them at He also features the LV Spicy Sandal this week. I must admit I love, love, love this shoe. However, I can't get with the fact that their made of baby calf & baby goat leathers. Something about killing baby animals for their hide doesn't sit well with me. If they ever make a knock-off, faux leather Steve Madden version, I'll be all over it.

Of course with me there's always something random that has nothing to do with anything else posted. So, my randomness today will definitely have to be one of my bigges
t pet peeves:

OMG, I have to know the biggest!! This guy is the king of all kings of liars. He is the epitome of the most lying people you've ever met. He lies about the most insignificant things. I think he lies just to have something to say. I've never really understood the need to lie just because. Okay, we've all told a lie or two here or there to get ourselves out of trouble or for a "justified" reason... that's not my problem. My problem is with those that choose to lie just for the sake of talking. I have a problem with volunteered lies. You know when you're speaking to someone & you don't say anything that warrants the lies that they let spew from their mouths, but you get them anyway. Then you're left repeating & replaying the entire conversation in your head trying to find the point where you left the field open for that dishonest play. Voluntarily liars are bad, but the worst have to be the compulsive, bad liars. Lawd have mercy!! You know they're lying. They know they're lying. They know you know they're lying. For whatever reason, they can't seem to help themselves & let the lies roll on out anyway. You know the people that tell the biggest, unexplainable, can't possibly be true, most far fetched, constant lies -- "Girl, I met this dude at the club that offered me $1,000 to go out with him but I said no cuz he wasn't my type." Girl please, your ass haven't had a boyfriend, date, suitor, nothing in the last 4 years & you turned down money b/c he wasn't your type?! You don't even have a type!! Stupid shit... ugh I can't stand it. Just tell the damn truth or keep your mouth shut.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I decided I would put some sort of pictures on my blog because right now it is kinda boring. It doesn't look that bad to me, because it's really my "journal" of sorts. I guess it wouldn't be that interesting to other people, so I'll try to be more proactive about adding pictures that pertain to whatever I'm blogging about on that day.

Ok, so by now I'm sick and tired of listening to people talk shit about Mike. I guess their mamas never taught them to have respect for the dead. It's getting real old, real fast. Whatever you may have thought he was or wasn't... Whatever you thought he may have done or didn't do... Whatever you felt about the man... he's gone now. So, that means he isn't what he was or wasn't. He's not doing what he did or didn't. He's can't give two shits what you feel about him. Leave the shit alone. Why must people constantly drive shit in the ground & speak ill of those that can't defend themselves?? This is precisely why I always tell my friends I don't like people. People (as a whole/in general) are cowards who pray on the weak and helpless. The same muthafuckas talking shit about him now are the same asses that were front row at every concert within 75 miles of their hometown. Envy is a powerful thing. The saying used to be if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Now it's if you can't beat 'em, beat 'em down until they feel like nothing. I never understood how preying on the weak could make someone feel powerful & full of themselves. That's probably the most ignorant concept I've never been able to grasp & I hope I never do. Shit like this just really gets under my skin. I have no tolerance for ignorant ass people. Ughh... next subject before I blow a gasket!! <--- do black people say that?

Watched the Wendy Williams Show... loved it!! I think a lot of people won't watch because they feel like it might have the same flavor as her radio show. So not the truth. It's actually a real talk show!!! Yes... she is capable of conducting real business. My sister hates Wendy and even she watches the show. I must warn though, the shit is uber contagious. I have been walking around all day saying "how u doin". I am even answering my phone like that. It's stuck in my head. If you haven't watched... watch!

--->I am such a bad friend. One of my besties had a bday recently & my silly ass forgot. Sorry! HAPPY BDAY AMBERNYSE!!!