Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm A Loser

Yes, I'm a loser. I haven't posted in an uber minute, but I'm back now. I have been doing a lot, because I have kids. My days have been kind of hectic.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have one rule... Don't cross me or piss me off. I can be a real evil bitch when I want to & right now I want to. So, I have a beautiful 4 month old little angel. She will be 5 months on the 10th. Anyway, I just found pictures her daddy has taken with this female (I love the internet). We're not together & I don't even like him. However, he's paying for photoshoots and has never even SEEN his daughter let alone provided for her. Now, through a lot of digging & some nosing around, I have "accidentally" come across her email address. The question of the day is: Do I email this young lady and warn her of the kind of deadbeat she is dealing with? I'm sure she doesn't know he has a child, so I know she doesn't know he isn't providing for her. I Know it's slightly childish, but I do feel that not caring for your child is even more childish. So, I really don't give a damn about being childish. I'll be anything you want me to be when it comes to my children. While I await your answer to my question, I'm going to post these pictures for your viewing pleasure & in hopes that someone she knows sees them. That's so devious & I'm going to have to pray extra hard to be forgiven for this, but he deserves it. I'm not judge nor jury... just a mother who can't stand deadbeats.

**Updated: I've decided to show some decency & black out her face. She's the innocent party here, so I won't blast her like that. I'm really just blasting his lame ass.


  1. I would be tempted to do it too. But would you want to risk looking like a "hater" for lack of a better term? You don't know her and vice versa. She's going to wonder how you got her e-mail and she may not even take what you have to say seriously even though its the truth. Switch places with her. Would you believe her if she told you something like that? or would you wonder if she has an ulterior motive or hidden agenda? That maybe she still wants the guy and she's just trying to get you out of the picture (not that this is your motive). But those pictures are throwin' salt in his game lol. He can't keep running whack game for long. He'll get found out. Of course the decision is yours to make.

  2. Very well thought out. I like!!!
    I have thought about it & if I was seeing a guy and he had a baby he wasn't caring for, I would want to know. It's also in the way you deliver the message. My whole thing is that I dealt with him on & off for 5 years & it took me that long to figure out he wasn't shit. I remember that feeling & I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Would it be tough to hear? Yes. Would I be glad that someone told me what kind of a man (or lack there of) he was before I really devoted myself to him to the point that I couldn't turn back? Yes. There are pros and cons, but I honestly deep in my heart believe she has the right to know & I know him. He won't ever tell her. That's not fair to her. Do I run the risk of sounding like a hater? ABSOLUTELY. I won't bad mouth him to her like I did in my blog & to my friends :-), because that's not what I want her to take from it. I'm strictly sticking to the facts. What she decides is completely on her & I'm cool with whatever. I just think she should have the whole book, before she writes the report -- so to speak.

  3. Thank ya kindly lol. I understand what you're saying. Somebody has to tell the truth because the majority of these men just will not do it. Just as long as no drama starts. You know how some people want to get mad with the messenger instead of the appropriate person...I've been in a situation similar to that where I had no clue who the man I was seeing was. And with all these flashbacks taking a toll on me right now, I'm starting to think that what you're saying is a pretty good idea lol. I wish I had a warning.

  4. She took it exactly how I hoped she would. She knew what my intentions were & she was grateful. I was just glad that she didn't cuss me out LOL. She was real sweet.

  5. Glad it went well. Unfortunately, a lot of females wouldn't care. In some women's mindset, he wasn't shit to you because you got what you deserved. Some women think just because a man dogged out his ex, he won't do the same thing to her. A woman of quality would want to know and would leave a man alone if something like this came to light.