Monday, July 20, 2009

T-R-E-Y Songz You're the King of the World

I know I've touched on it a couple of times. I've mentioned the Anticipation mixtape & the Get Fresh Fridays post on his blog, but I haven't really gone into great detail about it. So, I was just listening to Anticipation & decided I would blog about it. I don't think people understand how hot this really is. If you're an R&B fan (you don't even have to be a big Trey Songz fan), you have to add this mixtape to your collection. In my opinion, Songz is the hardest working man in R&B right now. He currently has 2 mixtapes ready for download on his blog (Genesis, Anticipation). Also, his third album "Ready" is due for release on September 1.

In addition to his 2 mixtapes & third mainstream album, he's also a member of Ocean's 7 (Usher, Johnta Austin, B. Cox, Jermaine Dupri, Trey Songz, Ty, Nelly). That mixtape is available for download on JD's blog. If you haven't heard them, please download. Even if you're not these guys' biggest fan, this is just good music... plainly put. I won't go into detail & break down every single track (even though I could); I'll simply say, dowload and listen. They're all FREE downloads, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. I can listen to them all from track 1 to the very end, so I'm slightly bias. You may not be that smitten with either album, but I promise there will be something on each that everybody can feel. Trust me, it's worth the few minutes it'll take to download. I have them saved on the PC, on the Pod, & burned to CD's so they're everywhere with me. We love these men individually, so imagine the punch they pack collectively. Now stop reading & click & download dammit. Do it because I said so... ok, do it because I asked very nicely :-)

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