Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

So, today I'm menstrual & I really don't feel like being bothered. I'm bloated & craving sweets & sodas, so I'm gaining hella weight. I'm in a bitchy mood. I'm feeling real pissy & I don't want to be bothered with anybody. Why do we have to go through this?! Why don't men have to go through this kind of shit?? Seriously, I believe it should have originally been intended for them. It's a MENstrual cycle. They get off so easy & do the least amount of shit. They are irresponsible in general & they don't have to stick around to clean up any "messes" they cause. Ain't that some unfair bullshit! I love being a woman because I think we really hold all the power, but I hate some of the things our bodies put us through. Without us men would be absolutely nothing & they know that that's why they all want so many. They have a fear of disappearing without us. Ha... funny. This particular post will be short & not-so-sweet, because like I said I'm just not in the mood. Maybe tomorrow I won't be so bitchy & I'll be more welcoming. Nite nite.

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