Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

So, I'm uber sad about MJ. At first it wasn't as depressing as it is since the memorial. His daughter was so... it's so hard to put into words the devastation that little girl was feeling. It breaks my heart. I weep for her & pray for much needed strength for that family. Whew.

Less depressing ===>Osama Bin Loon! What in the name of all things bean pied & turban covered?? Who told Loon that shit was funny?? He so can not be serious about the level of "uh uh" he's on right now. I don't want to make fun of any one's religious preferences, so I'm making fun of him. That's just a mess that I prefer to be through with. Loon... yeah whatever, I can't.

A very productive day. I accomplished EVERYTHING I set out to accomplish. That's so atypical of me, so I'm very proud. 26 years later & I still have no idea who I am. I know what I want to be & the things I want to accomplish, but overall I'm still getting to know the chic that looks back at me every single day. It's amazing how you can spend your whole life with someone & not know who they are. They say you never really know someone. I guess that saying holds true for yourself as well. I definitely need to make time to learn myself. I think I may have a deep fear that I won't like who I see. Though I feel change is very necessary, it's one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life & I don't want to. Man, why does life have to be so complex? Ugh, I'm going nite-nite. This is making my head hurt. Thinking -- so fundamental, such a pain in the ass.

12:52 PM

Over at (temporary moment of insanity) & I was a little disgusted but not surprised at her re-posting a story she got from some tabloid questioning the authenticity of MJ's daughter's speech at his memorial yesterday <==damn, that's a long, rambling sentence! So there were no tears in the stills captured from the speech. SO WHAT! I'm sure almost everyone in this world has "dry cried" at least once in their life. You can only cry so much before you "run out of tears". Not to mention the fact that the little darling probably isn't eating or drinking as much as she should be. Dehydration makes it hard to produce tears, sweat, etc. Leave that poor little girl alone. She lost her daddy. Allow her to grieve any way she needs to. It's bad enough she has to do it publicly. People called MJ crazy for having his kids wear masks when they were out in public. This is the very reason he was that way. The children were on camera for all of 5 minutes & their faces are all over every magazine, newspaper, & shitty tabloid. Some people are just plain jackasses that have no hearts.

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