Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Today has been pretty quiet. There really isn't a lot going on in the world of entertainment or news for that matter (except the serial killer in SC, but I'm not even about to speak on that. People are crazy). I think people put a lot of emphasis of what celebrities do & how they do it & when they do it & why they do it & who they do it with. I'm so over it. Celebs get so full of themselves that it just gets on my nerves. Everybody wants to be famous. It's really very annoying. You know, I hate it when I am really a fan of someone & it turns out that they aren't at all who they say they are. I don't mean I like a song or two or a movie or two. I mean when I really love everything thing they do & I'm down to support anything they stand behind. I don't like big heads. Celebs are so quick to make the statement that they're just like you, and I'm all for that because I believe that. It's when they start to think they're superstars & icons & legends that gets under my skin. Especially when no one else sees it that way. Seriously, are you forreal?? Don't get me started on the groupies that don't consider themselves groupies & then wannabe's. OMG... you aren't so just get over yourself. People only know who you are because somebody else said your name once or twice. You just talk and run your mouth & that's it. Everyone has something to say sometimes. What makes you think the fact that you can talk or type makes you a "celebrity"? Child please, nobody knows you honey. Then there's Twitter. Who in the hell came up with Twitter (yes, I have an account -- oh the shame)?! That's just another way for these people to inflate their images & blow up their own heads. Suddenly their followers have become fans. What?! Oh please. They follow you because they're hoping you'll follow back. Just like you, it looks good to them when they have 100,000 followers -- it's nothing more, it's nothing less. You're but a means to an end. Just like you're using them, they're using you. They're not fans sweetheart, they're vultures. They fishing for your followers just like you're fishing for fame.

With that being said ladies & gentlemen... I'm far beyond being too through!

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