Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hair Hell-No's

Lawd CASSIE WHY?? She started this shit so I'm placing all the blame on her. What is it with celebs all jumping on a bandwagon (regardless of how ridiculous) just because it draws attention? That makes no damn sense to me. Maybe that's why I'm just regular old common folk & not a multimillionaire still trying to find myself. Apparently they aren't secure with themselves, so they try to be each other. Whatever the case, the shit is really starting to get on my nerves. There really is no distinguishing between who I like or don't like if they all look & act just alike. Not to mention they follow the dumbest trends.

Rihanna... sweetheart, ummm no. Let me rephrase that: HELL NO. Babygirl, that head is a big ass uh uh. It's a mess. What made you think that shit would be cute? Ok, here's my take on the situation. Hate it or love it, it's what I think & it's my blog so I can say what I want. <-- I sound kinda full of myself, huh? Well I am & I'm full of you guys too. I can say what I want & so can y'all. I digress. Now Rihanna, I think you are a trendsetter & you do have your own style. I think the blogs give you so much "face time" because you do your own thing & you don't give a damn what anyone else thinks of what you wear, but this shit here is ri-damn-diculous. Now, I don't condone ass-whoopings, BUT... Where is Breezy when you need him? Cassie, I blame you.
Now Que you are already the king of all bitchassness, so why would you?? Is it blonde on both sides or just one? Either way, it's definitely a HELL NO. I'm all for being different, but uh uh. For Dawn to be proud enough of this shit to actually twitpic it is like whoa. Look at her, her hair is normal & regular but she's broadcasting this foolishness. Now, I'm a slight fan of Day 26. I watched Making the Band & saw all the big shit Que talked to every single member of the group (even the manager), so he is the last person I expected this from. For him to be such a "bulldog" he sure took the coward's way out. Let me explain: Every chic in the game that decided to follow this bogus ass trend actually shaved their hair. Que was very bitchy about it. He decided to dye it blonde so it blends in with his skin tone. Unless you actually pay close attention to it, it looks shaved. Nope, it's blonde which is bitchy. It's not shaved which is bitchy. Now, in his defense, it may be bitchy but it makes more sense. If it doesn't really flow the way he wants it to, he doesn't have to wait for it to grow back he can just dye it back & move on. Ladies, don't be cowards but do take notes. Cassie, I blame you.

With every trend/rule, there is an exception. She jumped on the bandwagon too :-D, but she's uber fab & I love it. Cassie, I THANK you.

All kinds of praise coming from every different direction, but I disagree. To me, it looks like a bad wig. Her friends are going to tell her they love it & her family is gonna say it's cute. Her stans are gonna go hard for it, but I say HELL NO. It makes her face look extra long. Plus, it looks like a bad wig (said that already, huh). It could be just me, but her eyes haven't always been that light. Looks very Rihanna-ish -- pre the "damn fool shaved her head" phase. All the way down to the eye color (as close as she could get) and the makeup:

I'on know how I feel about her jumping on this bandwagon except to say I'm glad she went with Rihanna & not Cassie.

Sidenote: Yes, "bandwagon" is the word of the day.


  1. lmao I like Ciara's do. now Rihanna is a HUGE FAIL!!! she needs to go head and amber rose it QUICK!!!

  2. Amber Rose is the ultimate fab chica. They all need to follow her. She does no fashion wrong in my eyes.

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    Check mine out and follow and ill do the same.

  4. I used to like Ciara but with all this swagger jackin she's doing, I get the feeling that she's going through an identity crisis or something. I'm going to need her to get it together.

  5. She's on a quest to some of that Rihanna face time. I guess she figured in order to get Rihanna's face time you have to have Rihanna's face... ummmmm no. She jacks a lot. Her PR, publicist, stylist, & anyone else that tells her this shit is ok should be fired.

  6. I like Ciara's new do. The rest of them? Um, no ma'am! Especially Rihanna's latest. "The Rooster" was bad enough but now she's just gone off the deepend with that bad fade. Speaking of bad fades, you should re-post this and add Solange at the TOP of the HELL NO list.

    I saw one of your comments on Tales of a Groupie and thought I would mosy on over. Feel free to visit my blog.