Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh-Bama... G-Shock... Random Ish

It seems that some people are little bit pissy about my president closing Guantanamo Bay. Of course the Republicans are in an uproar but who gives a damn. For starters, they act like he's letting the prisoners go & sending them on vacation. In actuality, he's having them transferred to the US to stand trial rather than having them sit there & continued to be tortured & mistreated. Forgive him, but my president has a heart. We're not Nazi's. We don't just ship people into hell-holes & treat them like wild animals. We're quick to talk the "innocent until proven guilty" bullshit, so why doesn't that stand for all accused? I'm just saying... practice what you preach, Mr. Republican.

Cute, right? Yes... Trey Songz often features a weekly (or as often as possible) Get Fresh Fridays post on his blog in which he features fairly new clothing/accessories that help you get your fresh on. Well, this week he featured the ever popular G-Shock by Casio, but he also introduced us fashion virgins & rookies to the Baby G by Casio which is the female version of the G-Shock. Apparently, there is a rather extensive collection of Baby-G's & I must say I love them all. You can find the various styles & where to buy them at He also features the LV Spicy Sandal this week. I must admit I love, love, love this shoe. However, I can't get with the fact that their made of baby calf & baby goat leathers. Something about killing baby animals for their hide doesn't sit well with me. If they ever make a knock-off, faux leather Steve Madden version, I'll be all over it.

Of course with me there's always something random that has nothing to do with anything else posted. So, my randomness today will definitely have to be one of my bigges
t pet peeves:

OMG, I have to know the biggest!! This guy is the king of all kings of liars. He is the epitome of the most lying people you've ever met. He lies about the most insignificant things. I think he lies just to have something to say. I've never really understood the need to lie just because. Okay, we've all told a lie or two here or there to get ourselves out of trouble or for a "justified" reason... that's not my problem. My problem is with those that choose to lie just for the sake of talking. I have a problem with volunteered lies. You know when you're speaking to someone & you don't say anything that warrants the lies that they let spew from their mouths, but you get them anyway. Then you're left repeating & replaying the entire conversation in your head trying to find the point where you left the field open for that dishonest play. Voluntarily liars are bad, but the worst have to be the compulsive, bad liars. Lawd have mercy!! You know they're lying. They know they're lying. They know you know they're lying. For whatever reason, they can't seem to help themselves & let the lies roll on out anyway. You know the people that tell the biggest, unexplainable, can't possibly be true, most far fetched, constant lies -- "Girl, I met this dude at the club that offered me $1,000 to go out with him but I said no cuz he wasn't my type." Girl please, your ass haven't had a boyfriend, date, suitor, nothing in the last 4 years & you turned down money b/c he wasn't your type?! You don't even have a type!! Stupid shit... ugh I can't stand it. Just tell the damn truth or keep your mouth shut.


  1. Girrrl u betta PREACH! haha .. Republicans so busy sitting on their high horses they forget to have a heart

    G-Shocks look like the shxt, but honestly I'd prolly get one just to say I have one.. Not even really rock it, lol

    and ur Liar rant had me *DYIN* omg, "girl he offered me $1,000" biiiiish plz! Hahaha.. That was great, nice blog! :)

  2. I'm not even a big fan of pink, but I think I would actually rock one of those. I do feel you tho. I'd probably have every color just cuz. Don't get me started on Republicans... girl, ugh.