Saturday, July 18, 2009


So I had to make this special post just to shout out GL0... my first follower. I read her comments & took a little stroll over to her blog & I love, love, love this chic! Thanks so much for the love. My only love, but it's like a million bucks :-D I don't know how many people read my lowly little blog, but if you do do me a favor and run over to THE GL0 EXPERI(M)ENCE (after you're done reading my little posts of course) & show her all kinds of love. She's a real sweetie & I love her blog.

**Update: I've posted a bigger pic of Kersten & she does have a blog. See her at**

Now I have to shout out my second first follower, Kersten Fullwood. Do people still "shout out"? I don't know, but anyway she's the second person to follow my blog. If it were a club or a store it would be considered a "little hole in the wall" or a "mom & pop" kinda store, so I'm thrilled to have her as well. This is better than sex. It makes you feel all warm & tingly inside, but you don't have to put up with the bullshit & games. I don't think she has a blog, but she's showing me a little love so I have to return it. Thanks Kersten. Now ladies, gentlemen, & those of you that are in transition... I know this pic is small as hell, but it's the only one I have so I'm sorry in advance. Kersten, sweetie, honey, bigger pic please :-)

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for the kinkyness going on in this pic. I stole it from her profile, so if you are that boy's girlfriend: you shoulda been doing your damn job. HA!

I'm giving this Awww post a real workout, but I'm loving it. Juicy Carter is my third first follower. I've been reading her blog for a minute now & I must say I absolutely love it. I think I've taken her rank my blog poll about 3 times LOL. She gives you the same style as other entertainment blogs, but definitely NOT the same flavor. She puts her own spin on things & she does more than give you the story. She tells you the deal & what she thinks about it. I love that. I'm all for giving you my take on a situation (hence the theme of my blog), so I can get with it. Welcome to my very small blog-family, Juicy. After you leave my blog, run through GL0's, then swing by I promise you won't be disappointed & if you are don't come talking that shit to me. These are my opinions & I love the blog.

P.S. Who the hell let you chew on their ear, Tyson??

Damn right I follow my own blog. Don't you follow yours?


  1. AWWWWW =]
    ur a doll! thank u so much!

    i think i found ur site from - i was reading Trey's groupie experience, lol.. and i love explorin & readin new blogs, so i found urs and it was so simple yet exquisite & intriguing at the same time! So i was just giving credit where its due, keep it up! =]

    PS- i just followed u on twitter! (GL0)

  2. I followed you back. I wanted to keep it simple. I didn't want a whole lot of odds & ends (my mama used to say that) taking away from what my goal of the blog is. I didn't want people to distracted to focus on the posts. Yours has widgets & whatnot, but it's very well organized & not over done. I like.

  3. lmao, im just now seeing this...thats my boyfriend in the pic =) thankyou so much for the shoutout, im still following u, i just erased my pic from my profile lol.